The Forest Gump Photo

I love using photoshop, and especially when it involves photoshopping myself into photos so I was excited for this assignment. When I was looking for a picture to photoshop myself I found two I really liked so I decided to use both. EDIT: I realized I didn’t incorporate the 80s theme into enough of my assignments this week so I made another photo where I put myself at the fall of the Berlin Wall which happened in 1989. This is included at the bottom of this post.

The first one was a picture of President Kennedy with his wife. I chose this one because it was an older photo and I wanted to challenge myself to be able to edit my picture to match the old photo. To achieve this I put a black and white filter on the photo and then increased the “grain” of the photo to give it an older effect. I circled myself in the background because I ended up being a little smaller than I though I’d be.

My second photo I decided to go with a more recent photo of some other Presidents, Obama, both of the Bush’s, and Clinton. I’m not gonna lie, I chose this photo just because I wanted to be in a photo with Obama. I was able to make myself a bit bigger and easier to see in this one.

I really enjoyed this assignment. I was able to utilize and continue to improve on my photoshop skills. I’m hoping I’ll be able to use more photoshop in other assignments this week.

Here is me at the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1889!

PS: This was a 3.5 star assignment…8.5 left for the week!

4 thoughts on “The Forest Gump Photo

  1. I liked how you took the time to blend the pictures of you to match the photo you Photoshopped them into (I hope that makes sense). These are great! I wish I was better at Photoshop!

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