Week Four Summary

This week has been my favorite so far. That is probably because of the amount of times I got to use photoshop. If you haven’t figured out I like photoshop so far, you must not read all my other posts 🙂

The first thing I did this week was reflect on my photography skills and my opinion of photography in general. This was fun for me because photography is something I love, even if that means just getting to look at others pictures! I shared some of the recent photography I got to be apart of so make sure to check it out here.

I also got a chance to reflect on different 80s photos and photographers. This was probably my favorite thing I did all week. I loved comparing the different photography styles from then to now and just exploring the culture of the 80s from the pictures was super cool too.

Here is one of my favorite photos by Janette Beckman:

Janette Beckman, Rock Steady Crew, New York City, 1983. © Janette Beckman. Courtesy of the artist.

I put more of my favorite pictures I found in my post so make sure to look at it here.

I got to be really creative with this weeks assignments. Most of the ones I chose used photoshop. I tried to do some higher rated assignments this week to try and challenge myself, and I did! But it was also the most fun I’ve had with the assignments so far!

My favorite assignment I did this week was The Forest Gump Photo. The instructions were to photoshop ourselves into historical photos that we weren’t suppose to be in. I started off with 2 pictures but ended up making a 3rd because I forgot to incorporate the 80s theme into enough of my assignments. I’m glad I had to make another because it actually turned out to be my favorite.

Here is me at the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989! I was able to make the image a little transparent to blend in better with the rest of the crowd. Make sure to check out my full post to see my other pictures!

Another assignment I really enjoyed this week was Splash the Color. We had to take a color picture, make it black-and-white, and then bring the color back for one object in the picture. I had the perfect picture in mind when I read these instructions. I went downtown last weekend and took a picture in front of this cute yellow door. Here was the finished product!

I am really happy with how it turned out! Yellow is my favorite color so I love how vibrant the yellow is in the picture compared to the rest of the picture.

I wasn’t a fan of the daily creates again this week. I enjoy more of the “making stuff” one if you get what I mean. The only one I even partially liked was putting a caption on a picture with Donald Trump.

I liked this one because I have very strong feelings of hatred for Donald Trump so any chance I get to speak up against him and his ideals, I will. I decided to talk about women’s rights to their own bodies in my tweet because that is one thing I am very passionate about. No one, especially Donald Trump with the way he treats women, gets a say in my body but me.

I have hope that I will enjoy next weeks assignments more!

And finally, I was able to explore lots of peoples work this week. I also commented on a few (some are still waiting to be approved so even if they don’t show up, I promise I did them). If you want to check them out, click here, here, or here.

See ya next week!

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