Irish Americans for Biden

A campaign site for Irish American Democrats for Joe Biden 2020. 


Role: Lead Designer

Freelance Work 

I was hired by Stella O’Leary, the head of Irish American Democrats, to design and build out a campaign site for the 2020 election in support of Joe Biden. They wanted a site where their supporters could go to get information on Joe Biden and why they should give him their vote. 

The clients were looking for a clean and modern site that was easy to navigate and not cluttered. They wanted their supports to have a consolidated place where news articles and other informational sources would be laid out in one place. All I had going into this project was a logo and some ideas from the client about how she wanted the basic layout to be. 

I started off by building out a wireframe for this site and how I wanted everything to be laid out. Then, once I got approval from the clients I was able to move into building out the actual site using the images and links they sent me, in addition to content they sent me. This project has a quick turnaround as the election was approaching quickly so as soon as the client gave the final approval, we pushed to live! 

Tools Used: 

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Elementor
  • Figma 


final site


This was one of the first sites I completed as a freelancer. It gave me a ton of experience on how to interact and engage with clients as well as continuing to allow me to grow as a designer. I am overall very happy with how the site turned out and the client was thrilled with it as well, which is always nice to hear after putting in a lot of work into something. 

One challenge that I found with this site was that the client had a particular view for the site in mind which could be a bit frustrating at times when I had my own ideas on what I thought would work well. I had to learn to compromise with the client so the final site would be most what the client envisioned as well as something functional and practical from a design perspective. 

I am very grateful I got the opportunity to work with Irish American Democrats and to be apart of such a historic campaign that meant a ton to me personally. I am hoping I’ll be asked to work on more projects with Irish American Democrats in the future!