An e-commerce shop and kitchen located in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


Role: Lead Designer

Overseer: Chris Muldrow | Agency: Rambletype, LLC

Rambletype was hired to redesign a website for Whittingham that better represented their style as well as creating a space to sell their products online. I started off the process by speaking with Chris, my boss, and hearing from him what the clients most important wants from the redesign were. 

The clients were looking for their new website to be clean, modern, and consistent. I was able to take what Chris told me to begin working on a new logo for Whittingham. I then began to build out a wireframe for the site. Once I got approval from the client, I was able to build the site out using images and content provided to me by the client.

Tools Used: 

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Divi
  • Figma 


The first thing I did was have the client pick which font they wanted me to use.

After looking over the font options I sent them, they decided on font 3. I was then able to begin work on the actual logo. The client told me they wanted something very simple and that just used letters.

The client decided on logo 2. I was then able to begin to begin laying out the site.


final site


Whittingham was one of the first sites I built for Rambletype and was probably one that I learned the most from. I was very involved with the client, having numerous virtual meetings to discuss the site, which helped me improve my customer service skills. It was also where I was able to continue to work with Divi theme and learn its capabilities to use on future websites. 

One problem I found while designing this site was that I had not used Woo-Commerce before so there was a bit of a learning curve for me. I struggled a bit in the beginning but was able to overcome this problem by working with Chris as well as watching YouTube videos so I could teach myself how to use it without wasting the clients time. Once I was finished with Whittingham, I felt like a pro at using Woo-Commerce which is something I’ve been able to utilize on numerous other e-commerce websites I’ve built. 

My redesign of the Whittingham website showcases my abilities to build and design a wireframe, design and polish logos, use a front-end design software, and create a clean and modern e-commerce website.